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How do you find a girl

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To find a girl is interesting thing. It is based on you target of girl you want to meet. There are many places that you can go and meet a girl. My suggestion is find a girl that have same interest with you and find the place you can do your hobbies. Maybe you have some interest. Maybe you can check the place where you can find a girl in a place that you like also. For example you like reading book, you can hang out with a friend to go bookstore. If you like sport you can go to gym. If you like drink you can go to bar or if you like study you can go to library.

There are some plus point if you go to place that you like with your friends

1. You go to place to find a girl that have same interest with you, and easy to make a conversations

2. Girls like boy who have life, do your hobbies, own friendships, interest, and goals.

Actually you can extend your knowledge while you find a girl, check this suggestion:

1. Cultural events

2. Foreign countries associations

3. Civic Groups, spiritual / religious groups, political groups, charity groups

4. Barbecues, Block Parties, Festivals, Picnics

5. Jewelry stores, shows, wholesale jewelry

6. Health Club, Gym

7. Health food store

8. Seminars: Money seminars, topics about women interests, and self-improvement.

9. Public Speaking

10. Gardening, Flower Shows

11. Political events

12. Museums

13. Art gallery

14. Chamber music, baroque music concerts: Again, better educated women.

15. Concert at the park

16. Book Discussion Groups, Lectures

17. Bookstore, bookstore with a coffee shop, or coffee / cappuccino shop

18. Library

19. Noontime near office buildings, or business center

20. Antique Shop: Busy on weekends during the day.

21. The mall

22. Parent organizations, school PTA, playgrounds, and children’s museums and teater

23. Church

24. Self-help groups and meetings

25. Laundromats

26. College

27. All coffee shops, libraries, theaters, pizza places, bars, and businesses around college areas.

28. Beaches, pools

29. Running marathon, biking, hike, and bike trail

30. Sailing, marinas, renting boats on vacation areas

31. Cruises, resort vacations

32. Any kind of sports like bowling, softball, women soccer, volleyball, ic-skating.

33. Bus Stops

34. Adult education classes: Check the courses available. You have to choose a class that will be full of women.

35. Photography class

36. Horseback Riding

37. Airport / flight

38. Single meetings/clubs/dances

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