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How To Get Girlfriend Back

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How to get girlfriend back is challenging.

First you must make sure that you want to close to her again and become her boyfriend.

to make sure remember why you break up with her… learn from it

If you think that both of you can fix it lets make a move.

Second is make a conversation.

For example you can send her a surprise text message about her birthday, about something that show that you care

Or even you can surprisingly meet her at place that she usually exist

Third is make apologize if you have mistake with her. And give a gift to her. Girl like surprise.

Fourth is keep develop your self and keep socialize with other. Learn something that make you feel confident and do next move.

Five is ask her out. If she think that you still love her and she feel the same, she will respond, and you can date again.

This is rather extreme .. if you think that this not work, hangout with other girl … see what she response … if she feel that she still love you.. she will get jealous. In this moment you can take move to introducing your friend and say that you still love her. If she still love you she will blushing and do what you want next … for example another date.

Keep smile


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