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How To Turn On a Girl

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How to turn on a girl?

Actually girl is different from guy, there are many ways to turn on a girl.

First thing first you must know her current mood. She is excited or not, or she feel bummed.

Second make her mood to become good and comfortable with you. You can become empathy and feeling her mood. Talk to her or If you far away from her send text message to her to make her turn on. Show your empathy and listen to her if she want to talk.

Third is talk to her and make her wanted. This can be done by Admiring her, say that you are beautiful, gorgeous ext.

Fourth is Make it slow, feel her feeling and look her body language. If she response good you can gently approach to her.

Five you can do what make her turn on by physical contact but do it slowly. Or maybe you want kiss her.

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